Hadley United Services Bowling Club

Welcome to the Hadley United Services Bowling Club website. We are a successful bowling club based in Telford playing every weekday in a wide range of leagues for all ages so if you want a friendly social game please feel free to contact us.

Final review 3/10/17

Friday night team have won the Mid Shropshire first Division by 33 points. John Potter topping the club averages and finishing 3rd in the Division, Nick Wyer 2nd and 5th, Ash Gregory 3rd and 7th.Jim Fletcher and Nick Mullinder finishing in the top 20. And Pinky says ” “.

Monday team finished the season 5th with Alasdair Jarvis top of the club and 8th in Division, Connor Rew 2nd and 11th, Dave Hughes 3rd and 18th. Jen Fletcher playing her first game in 2 years winning 18 at Worfield in the final game.


Ladies afternoon finished 6th in league with Lisa Pessall top of club and 2nd in Division. Shirley Hughes and Gill Newbrook 2nd and 3rd in club and in top 20 of the Division.


Tuesday Ladies finished 5th in Division with Carleen Doody-Millington top of club averages 6th in the division. Lisa Pessall missed a few games is 2nd and 10th, Kelly Baugh 3rd and 28th. Welcome to Rachel Lawrence returning to Bowls finishing 4th in Club.


Seniors finished 4th. Mike Kinsey top of Club and 8th  in division averages. Geoff Clarke 2nd and 20th with Jim Lister 3rd and 21st.

As always well done to all the players and supports who helped each team achieve great results in the parts they played.


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