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Saturday League Interested!!!!!

Saturday Division in 2019 – the proposal


Fixtures to comprise four singles and two doubles – so clubs only need a minimum of four bowlers to enter, but can field up to eight different players

Same points scoring system – ie 5pts for getting 21, 4 for getting 20, 3 for 15, 2 for 10 and 1 for 5, so the maximum that could be scored per fixture would be 30

Match fees – to stay at 30p per player in both singles and doubles (therefore club fee per match would be £2.40)

Fixtures – to be played in blocks, rather than one week on and one/two weeks off

Start time – try 11am?

The Reasoning


To try and keep the division alive!

Of the 7 clubs that competed last year, only 3 (champions Sinclair, Allscott Heath and Charlton) are set to carry on this coming season if the division stays the same.

So League officers felt they needed to take action – and we need at LEAST 6 SIDES to accept the 2019 proposal outlined above, enter and then compete.

We have consulted with member clubs and feel the above proposal is the best chance of attracting new entries to keep the division going.

If we don’t get at least 6 sides then the Saturday Division will die . . .

What League officers do need is an early indication of whether YOUR CLUB is going to enter this proposed new-look Saturday Division (by February 24 please)

That’s because we would need to put rule changes to bring the new structure into forced before an EGM that we could hold before the March executive meeting on Tuesday the 5th.

So please urge your club to give this proposal some real positive consideration before the February 24 deadline.

Over to you . . .

Please contact Blade or a committee member if you would like to enter a team.

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