Hadley United Services Bowling Club

Welcome to the Hadley United Services Bowling Club website. We are a successful bowling club based in Telford playing every weekday in a wide range of leagues for all ages so if you want a friendly social game please feel free to contact us.

End of 2019 Season

Division 1 finished  2nd with Steve (Homebase) Homer top of club averages with Nick (Nicko) Wyer finishing 2nd . Division 3 win the 3rd division with Paul (Popey) Powell taking the club honours. Division 4 after a hard fight will probably be in Division 5. Rhian Jarvis top of the Club averages by aggregate, Thursday team ending mid Table with Nick (Mully) Mullinder taking the club win on aggregate. Ladies afternoon Lisa Pessall winning the club averages and finishing 2nd in the division. The seniors finished Mid Table with Peter Jones winning the Wednesday Afternoon team averages.

The presentation evening is on 2/11/19 in the bar 7:30 onwards where we can celebrate another season and look forward to the next.

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