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Please find a gallery of pictures below from the 2015 Presentation Evening

The individual prize winners from the 2015 Presentation was as follows:

Championship of the Green:
Winner: Mark Taylor
Runner-Up: Jamie Wyer
Semi Finalists: Ash Gregory & Phil King
Quarter Finalists: Rob Burroughs, Nick Wyer, Jim Fletcher, Justin Pegram

Derrick Price Doubles:
Winners: Jamie Wyer & Simon Homer
Runners-up: Phil King & John Price
Semi Finalists: Justin Pegram & Neil Martin and Adrian Smith & Dave Price
Quarter Finalists: Nick Mullinder & Mark Taylor, Colin & Mick Price, Ali Jarvis & Siobhan Harding and Jamie King & Chris Worthington

Premier League:
Highest Placed – Rob Burroughs P 26 W21 +120
Best 6 – Rob Burroughs +77

Division 1:
Highest Placed – Lee Bowden P21 W12 +5
Best 6 – Alasdair Jarvis + 78

Division 5:
Highest Placed – Alasdair Jarvis P20 W16 +154
Best 6 – Alasdair Jarvis +92

Dennis Lewis Thursday:
Highest Placed – Rob Burroughs P 24 W21 +189
Best 6 – Rob Burroughs +87

Highest Placed – Rob Burroughs P 18 W11 +37
Best 6 – Rob Burroughs +62

Highest Placed – Ash Gregory P16 W12 +86
Best 6 – Ash Gregory +74

Rob Burroughs – Premier League & Dennis Lewis Thursday Night Averages Winner

Review of 2015 Season:

Premier League (1st Team):
League: 12th
County Cup: Quarter Finals
Alan Mayhew: 1st round
Pool B: Runners-up
Free Press Cup: 1st round
Super Cup: 1st round
Harris Cup: Quarter Finals

Mid Shropshire Division 1 (2nd team): 11th

Mid Shropshire Division 5 (3rd team): 3rd

Mid Shropshire Dennis Lewis Thursday League: 6th

Wem League:
League: 7th
Knockout Cup: Quarter Final

Summit League: 7th

Mid Shropshire Senior Citizens League: 2nd

Shrewsbury and District Ladies League:
Division 1: 8th
County Cup: 1st round

Monday Afternoon League:
Division 1: 10th

Well done to all teams and players on a successful season.