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Welcome to the Hadley United Services Bowling Club website. We are a successful bowling club based in Telford playing every weekday in a wide range of leagues for all ages so if you want a friendly social game please feel free to contact us.

2018 AGM Minutes and 2019 Agenda

  Chairman/Competitions Secretary Secretary/Treasurer
  Phil King Adrian Smith
  29 Viewlands Drive 54 Grovefields
  Trench, Telford Leegomery, Telford
  TF2 7DJ




07745 657428





07968 817001



Minutes of Annual General Meeting Agenda held on Sunday 14th January 2018 commencing at 5.00 p.m. in the conservatory

In attendance: Phil King, Adrian Smith, Chris Heighway, Jim Fletcher, Nick Mullinder, John Lumsden, Jamie King, Siobhan Harding, Sue Rew, Alistair Jarvis, Rhian Jarvis, John Price, Kath Lycett, Wendy Houlston, John Potter.

  1. Chairman’s opening remarks

Phil welcomed the members and thanked the captains and players for their effort last year. He then wished everyone the best for the new season then asked if there were any apologies.

  1. Apologies

Dave Price, Dave Hughes, John Newey, Aaron King, Conner Rew.

  1. Minutes of 2017 AGM

These were passed as a true record, proposed by John Price and seconded by Jamie King.

  1. Matters arising

The Chairman pointed out a spelling mistake with the name Alistair Javis. this was confirmed by the secretary and corrected.

  1. Club Report

Adrian Smith reported that the club had a new secretary as John Hughes had retired. The secretaries name is Janice Hayward. She is still finding her feet but was doing well. Adrian Smith reported that the club was not doing great financially and therefore the section would have to self fund going forward. Adrian reported the bowls section had also received a lot support from John Hughes over the years and this could not be guaranteed from the new secretary who would have to seek confirmation from the main committee before agreeing to our requests. Club rules regarding membership were changing and Adrian reported that members who had not paid by 31st January were to be deemed lapsed members and subject to an addition fee to rejoin.

  1. Secretary’s Report

Adrian confirmed that the club had agreed to cut the green on every teams match night. The green was to have 4 ton of top dressing added to the crown this season and should funds allow for a further two seasons in an effort to build it up to make it quicker and thus harder for away teams to bowl. Adrian asked the members to consider finding a replacement for him in the very near future as he feels someone younger may take the club forward he agreed to continue until a replacement is found. He offered to show someone the role this season if anyone wished to take it on.

Treasurers Report

Adrian Smith thanked captains and vice captains for giving the money to him promptly. He pointed out that 2017 was the most expensive year to date with new floodlights and green maintenance being a priority last year.  He asked for everyone to seek sponsorship for the section and stated he would approach each and every shop in the high street for conations. He then invited questions regarding the balance sheet, there being non he ended his report.

The balance sheet was then moved to be confirmed as a true record and were passed, proposed by Jim Fletcher and seconded by Nick Mullinder..




  1. Competition Secretary Report

Phil reported that he would wait for the county dates to be published before confirming dates for our competitions. He reported that he was considering a change to the championship of the green as there was only 4 entries last season. he is planning to do a draw with everyone who wished to enter and play the first two rounds over the first 8 weeks of the season with maybe a finals days later in the season depending on numbers.

Nick Mullinder agreed it would be a good idea. Nick Mullinder than proposed that the Club put forward a proposal to the Mid-Shropshire League AGM to consider the Merit being handicapped to attract more entrants?  Phil explained that as it was a Merit competition and not a handicap competition and therefore it would not be allowed.


8.Election of Officers:

Position 2018 Proposer Seconder
Chairman Phil King Proposed on block by members present
Secretary Adrian Smith
Treasurer Adrian Smith
Comp Secretary Phil King
HUSC “A” John Potter Nick Mullinder Jim Fletcher
  All in favour
HUSC “B”Div3 Captain TBC
Div 1 Vice-Captain All in favour
Div 4 Captain Sue Rew & Wendy Houlston
Div 4 Vice-Captain
Summit Captain Sam Millward Jamie King John Price
Summit V/C Chris Worthington
Executive Committee Jim Fletcher, Phil King, John Price, Adrian Smith, Jamie King, Mick Price & Conner Rew, John Potter
League Reps  Phil King, John Price & Adrian Smith


  1. Review of Constitution of Hadley United Services Bowling Club

There were no items to discuss however John Lumsden commented that he didn’t see why the coppers were noted on the document as he felt it was the decision of the captains what was paid out. Adrian stated that it was added to clarify the fees when the document was first drawn up.


  1. Teams for the 2018 season
  2. Mid Shropshire Div.1
  3. Mid Shropshire Div.3
  4. Mid Shropshire Div.4
  5. Dennis Lewis Thursday Night League

All the above will need to be confirmed at a later meeting when players for the 2018 season are known.


  1. Club Competitions in 2018
  2. Championship of the Green
  3. Derrick Price Doubles


  1. Team Competition in 2018
  2. Harris Cup – Meeting agreed this may rise to two if numbers allowed.




  1. Confirmation of Membership fees 2018

£20 full membership

£12 Seniors (over 60 on 1st January).

Proposal that these remain the same from Jim Fletcher, John Lumsden seconded – All in favour


14 Items at League AGM for consideration – Please see attached sheets

Non-available at meeting to discuss.

However Phil stated that non affected HUSC and the Executive would meet again before the AGM to discuss further.


  1. Work Parties & Equipment for Green.

It was agreed that 17th or 24th February would be earmarked for putting out the seats depending on the weather 9.00am start. John Price commented that the plastic seats needed to replaced as some were damaged. Adrian stated that without funding these would simply have to be removed for health and safety reasons and replaced once funds allowed. Adrian also stated that the gutters needed to painted before the season started and the more volunteers we had for this work the better. In addition he stated that the green must be spiked every month through the season if we were to get the benefit of our investment on the green. No other equipment was required for 2018 season.


16.Date for opening of the green/signing on night

This was agreed as Friday 9th March at 6 p.m. depending on the Greensman.



Jamie King to arrange one with the Bowring and Nick Mullinder with Wem.


  1. Sponsorship.

Adrian confirmed PMC would continue to sponsor us.



Adrian Smith confirmed Fortis Sports Clothing would continue as our supplier for the 2018 season, but the prices would increase due to funds being low and sponsorship reduced. He would speak to the supplier to keep the prices as low as possible but there would be a significant increase as the vat would now be included. He reminded the meeting that all players must wear their club clothing when playing a league game as per club rules.


  1. Food

The members agreed the food last year was an improvement on 2016 and the chicken curry/buffet alternate was ok to continue for the 2018 season.

However Adrian reported that with a different secretary and chef we would have to wait and see what was offered and review the cost.


  1. A.O.B

Sue Rew asked for clarification on the position of the 4th Division regarding whether they would be forced by the committee to play in the 3rd Division instead of the 4th – Phil King explained it was up to the playing members to decide. He then went on to point out that there may be players wanting to join HUSC that may no get a place on a Friday which the Monday Night team captain would need to consider for selection. Sue went on to explain that if she was forced to leave out some of her weaker players they would not get a game as they do not play for the ladies or in any other league and she felt that was not fair. Adrian Smith commented that the situation she was explaining was part and parcel of playing any team game and they would have to wait for there chance like any player under those circumstances. Adrian then went on to point out the club needed to rebuild its members and that meant two teams on a friday night and therefore the effaces must be directed towards this.

John Price confirmed he would look for replaced seats and called for everyone to offer a helping hand to maintain the green by spiking it regularly as we had invested a lot of money into it during the winter.

Nick Mullinder called for fundraising events to be considered during the season to boost club funds.

The members agreed that any evenings out such as skittles or Tenpin Bowling should be considered after signing on night and be planned for later in the season

Phil King asked the members to consider just having a disco at the presentation night this year even though the band was good it was expensive and he asked for ideas from the members before the end of March for who we should approach to enable us to book well in advance.

Adrian stated that he did what wish to be secretary indefinitely, he felt a youger bowler should come forward to work with him to learn the role of club secretary. He didnt mind continuing as treasurer but felt the secretary role needed to be filled by a younger bowler who could attract members better than he could.

Phil then asked Adrian to leave the room while the subject of his Honorarium be discussed.

The meeting agreed that it should remain as it is for 2018 due to the state of club funds. 

With no further business the meeting closed at 6.05 p.m.

Secretary/Treasurer Chairman/Competitions Secretary  
Adrian Smith Phil King  
54, Grovefileds 29 Viewlands Drive  
 Leegomery Telford Trench, Telford  










07745 657428


Agenda for AGM on Sunday 20th January 2019 at 6.00 p.m.


  1. Chairman’s opening remarks
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of AGM 2018
  4. Matters Arising
  5. HUSC Club Report


  1. Secretary’s/ Treasurers Report
  2. Competitions Secretary’s Report
  3. Election of Officers
Position 2018 2019
Chairman Phil King
Secretary Adrian Smith
Treasurer Adrian Smith
Comp Secretary Phil King
Div 1 Captain Ray Gregory
Div 1 Vice-Captain Kirsty Gregory
Div 4 Captain Sue Rew
Div 4 Vice-Captain Wendy Houlston
Thursday Captain Adrian smith
Thursday V/Capt Tracey Smith/Nick Mullinder
Div 3 Captain n/a
Div 3 Vice-Captain n/a
Executive Committee Phil King, John Price, Adrian Smith, Mick Price, Conner Rew, Ray Gregory,


  1. Teams for 2019 season to be considered and formerly adopted
    1. Mid Shropshire Division 1
    2. Mid Shropshire Division 3
    3. Mid Shropshire Division 4
    4. Dennis Lewis Thursday Night League
  1. Club Competitions in 2019
    1. Derrick Price Doubles 2018
    2. Championship of the Green 2018
  1. Team Competitions in 2019
    1. Harris Cup
    2. Ashton Cup

12   Membership Fees – 2019

Proposal by the Treasurer to increase fees to £25 for full membership

Proposal by the Treasurer for the introduction of a Countryman fee of £12

(see attached sheet for further details of proposals)

£12 for Seniors (over 60 on 1st January)

Juniors (under 18 on 1st January) – free.


  1. Items at League AGM for consideration – Please see attached sheets


  1. Work Parties & Equipment for Green


  1. Date for opening of the green/signing on night


  1. Sponsorship & Fundraising


  1. Clothing


  1. Food


  1. Presentation Evening – (see attached proposals for further details)


  1. Friendly matches for 2019


  1. A.O.B.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Proposals for consideration at the AGM    


         9aProposal by the Executive Committee to enter a team in the 3rd  Division                  Mid-Shropshire for the 2019 season.


12aProposal by the Treasurer to increase fees to £25 for full membership

 In the light of no additional sponsorship during 2018 and having only one team playing on a Friday night our funds are at an all-time low.

Thanks, are extended to The Ladies section who have assisted us greatly in recent years donating monies when we purchased the last mower and the new lights.

However, they have indicated that these donations are not sustainable going forward. Therefore, we must generate more funds to ensure the maintenance of the green and its infrastructure remains at a high level. The main club are not in a good position financially, and cannot support us as they have in the past.

This increase will cover the proposed increase in the Mid-Shropshire match fees for 2019, ensure we have funds to maintain the green, clubhouse, shelters kick boards etc.

NB -should this increase be accepted I intend for entries to both club competitions – Derrick Price Doubles and Championship of the Green be FOC until further notice. 

These prestigious Club Competitions should be better supported. 

Both competitions need to attract larger entries as taking part should serve to bond the camaraderie of the members and raise the completive edge of the club.

12b – Proposal by the Treasurer for the introduction of a Countryman fee of £12

We have a few players who have supported us for many years travelling long distances to play on a Friday Night. In an effort to thank them for their continued support the Executive Committee thought we should offer a reduced cost for members who live 20 miles or more from the green.


19a – Proposal to bring the presentation night to the first Saturday in October in an effort to increase numbers.