Hadley United Services Bowling Club

Welcome to the Hadley United Services Bowling Club website. We are a successful bowling club based in Telford playing every weekday in a wide range of leagues for all ages so if you want a friendly social game please feel free to contact us.

Our History

Hadley United Services & Village Club was founded just after the first world war by returning troops, they clubbed together and borrowed a small shed to commence social meetings every week in 1919.

Later on, the club expanded to include a bowling green, which we believe was laid in 1924.  It stayed as the ‘old social’ club till 1964 when extensive modifications were made and a new green was made, where it exists to this day.

Many modifications have taken place during the years, but in 2009 saw the installation of an automated watering system. 2010 has so far seen the addition of two ‘Rain Shelters’ to try and assist the spectators during the showery nights.

Further plans to improve the surrounding area include a viewing platform to cover the water system tank and allow spectators an elevated view of the green. This modification will hopefully be in place soon.

Pictures from the Past:

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