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Welcome to the Hadley United Services Bowling Club website. We are a successful bowling club based in Telford playing every weekday in a wide range of leagues for all ages so if you want a friendly social game please feel free to contact us.

Derrick Price 2016 Winners

The winners of the Derrick Price 2016 doubles were Nic Wyer and Nick Mullinder beating Phil King and Chelsea Gregory .

Note to all Captains

As the lights are now controlled with one switch, please ask at the bar for a member of staff to switch on the lights, when needed.

Review 12/8/17

Friday night team continue their winning ways. We remain top by 22 points with the 7 outstanding games still to be played at Highley. Nick Wyer, Ash Gregory and John Potter top of club averages and in top 10 of the division averages. The Wizard (John Potter if you didn’t know) still having only lost […]

Round up 30/7/17

Friday team still top of the division. Highley game still to be finished at 2-3, performance from Johnny Wynne beating Dave East who has not lost many games in any of the leagues
Current results with Nick Wyer who continues to produce and tops the club and division averages. Ash Gregory  2nd and 4th only aggregate […]

Work complete

Even with the original sets of lights been stolen. New ones have been provided, work on the lights has been completed.Thanks to Col for his work on the poles. 

Request from Committee

Please can we ensure that the club house remains tidy and all rubbish is removed and everything is in place for the next teams match.

Round up 15/7/17

Friday night team continue to boss the first division. With recent good away wins at St Georges and Bylet. Nick Wyer and Ash Gregory top of club averages and in top 10 of the division averages which also includes  John Potter playing his magical game having only 1 loss in 12 games.
Monday team continue at […]

Kings Reign After Classic Doubles FInal

Report by Malcolm Fletcher

Congratulations go to Phil King and son Aaron who won the Dixon Driscoll Doubles with a never-say-die performance at Maddocks on Saturday 24th June.

The League’s competition secretary and his youngest son trailed older son (and brother!) Jamie King and his partner Sally Clee 15-5 in the final.

And King & Clee, this […]

Ashley Gregory retains u/25 merit

Congratulations to Smiler/ diggels/ Ash for retaining the under 25 Mid Shropshire Merit, beating Sam Millward 16 in the final at Wrockwardine Wood.
Ash is currently 3rd in the Club averages and 5th in the Mid Shropshire  Division 1 Averages. The Club wishes him well and a great result.

Derrick Price Doubles 2016

The competition Secretary is struggling with dates to ensure the competition is well represented. He is currently looking at July dates.

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